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Our Mission

To fulfill and to satisfy the needs of durian fruit aficionados
who insist in high-quality and excellent tasting durian fruits.

We strive to provide durian fruits which have the best
quality, tastiest, and 100% tree-ripen for our customers
to achieve highest customer satisfaction in enjoying the
fruits which we produce.

To utilize this web-site as a tool to spread information
regarding fruits, seedlings, and products made by Durian
Juntak; and to popularize durian to the general public.

Our Vision ( for the future )

To become the most trustable producer, and seller of durian
fruits for the highly demanding durian aficionados in Indonesia.

We strive to convince durian lovers in Indonesia that fruits
produced locally will always be better in quality, taste, tree-ripen,
and can never be challenged by  durian imports.

Profile of Durian Plantation

Durian Juntak Plantation is located in Dusun Mekarsari, Desa
Tanjung Rasa, Kec. Cariu, Kab. Bogor, West-Java, Indonesia.

Durian plantation is wholly owned, managed, and professionally
supervised by Ir. Midian Simanjuntak, MBA  with knowledge,
expertise, and qualifications in various fields :
        a)   Agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and crop-and-soil :
                   * Agriculture Engineering degree from IPB
                      ( 1969, Bogor, Indonesia Institut Pertanian Bogor ).
                   * Work experience at Agriculture Department of
                      Indonesia ( Dept Pertanian RI ).
                   * Plantation as a hobby, and 100% pure-business.
        b)   Business, and banking :
                   *  "Master of Business Administration" in Finance
                       ( 1985, Eugene, OR, USA  University of Oregon ).
                   *  Regional Manager Bank Rakyat Indonesia
                        South/Southeast Sulawesi (1991 ~ 1992),
                        Central Java (1992 ~ 1994), and
                        East Java (1994 ~ 1995).       
                   *  CEO of  PT Inter-Pacific Bank ( 1995 ~ 1998).
                   *  Corporate Secretary Bank Rakyat Indonesia (1999)
                   *  Commissary President of PT Inter-Pacific Bank
                        (Sept 1, 2001 ~  March 23, 2004).
                   *  Part-Time Instructor/Consultant for several
                          Banks in Indonesia (1999 ~ present).
        c)   Seasoned Guest-Speaker in :
                   *  Banking:  Management, Business, Finance,
                          Leadership, and Decision-Making.
                   *  Agriculture-Business.  
        d)   Writer/active-contributor of articles to mass-media.
        e)   Advanced In-house Research & Development on Durian.
        f )   Joint-Research, Experiments, & Partnerships
                    with Indonesian and International Universities.
        g)   Engineering, Technical, Research, Consultation,
                  and Technology support via internet (USA) :
                       *   Virginia Tech  (VT)
                       *   Radford University  (RU)
                       *   Washington State University (WSU)
                       *   Norfolk State University (NSU)
                       *   Old Dominion University (ODU)

Contact Information

Country (Phone Code) Indonesia (62) USA (1)
Primary (Line 1) (021) 8312-416 (757) 515-6977
Backup (Line 2) (021) 7072-0898  
Data Faximile: 
Country (Phone Code) Indonesia (62) USA (1)
Open 24-Hours, 7-days (021) 8370-0042 (413) 691-3538
SMS Text Message:
Country (Phone Code) Indonesia (62) USA (1)
Tebet, Jakarta (021) 7072-0898 (757) 515-6977
Cariu, Jawa-Barat (0813) 1596-0688  

Postal Address:
Ir. Midian Simanjuntak, MBA
Jln Tebet Timur Dalam Raya 119
Tebet, Jakarta-Selatan  12820
Contact Information:
General Information durian@juntak.com
Marketing Mrs. Rosmida Simanjuntak
Commissary Pres. Ir. Midian Simanjuntak, MBA
Webmaster Patrick Simanjuntak, BSEE, MBA

Chatting & Video-Conferencing (via Internet):
ICQ 151094569
Yahoo! YM (audio/video) juntak5
AOL Instant Messenger juntak5
MSN Messenger juntak5@hotmail.com

Should the webmaster ( Patrick Simanjuntak, BSEE, MBA )
happens to be online on the internet, chatting request via
the internet will be served using instant-messaging.  You are
welcome to use your favorite Instant-Messaging software;
however, we recommend you to use Yahoo-Messenger
(text, audio, and video-support)
, so that we may
video-conference, and  audio-conference should
your computer be equipped with a webcam-camera,
microphone, and speakers.


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Send email to durian@juntak.com if you have have questions or comments concerning this web-site.
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