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Background of Durian Juntak

We strive to fulfill and to satisfy the needs of Durian aficionados
of high-quality and excellent tasting Durian fruits.

Durian fruit aficionados, especially in metropolitan cities such as
Jakarta, have long endured difficulty to obtain high-quality durian
fruits; especially tree-ripen durians which naturally fell from the orchard.
Durian maniacs had to "hunt" to the country-side, and buy from kiosks
or side-street vendors which often provide disappointing durian quality.
Buying and getting excellent durian was considered a gamble, required
luck, and needed plenty of knowledge to pick-out good durians because
seller/vendor often lied, and cheated the buyers using various scams.

This situation provided excellent opportunity for large importation
of durian fruits from Thailand and Malaysia.  Every year, importation
of durian increases.   Fruit stores, and supermarkets got swamped
with durian imports, while locally-produced durians only become
available on street-vendors and branded as low-quality.
Durian cultivar highly sought-after in fruit stores and supermarkets
is the Monthong cultivar.  This is also the cultivar which we produce,
and offer to fulfill the needs, and demand of durian aficionados;
but, with quality and taste that conforms-and-fits to the local
taste-buds of Indonesians.
By combining several variables such as superior-quality durian
cultivar (Mon-thong), fertile crop-and-soil media, and conducive
environment (ex :  high sun-shine intensity), optimum nurture
care, professional human-resources, and tree-ripen provides
superb and fantastic durian fruits from our plantation.

Why do we claim that our durian quality is better than the Imports  ?
Because we never provide durian fruits cut from the tree, but only
100% tree-ripen which naturally fell from the orchard.  While all durian
imports were cut from the tree, and not tree-ripen.  Durian imports can
never be tree-ripen, because tree-ripen durian fruits only have
maximum shelf-life of 4 days.  While durian imports from Thailand
from time cut from the tree until they reach fruit stores in Jakarta
require at least two weeks via ocean surface-shipping.
While transportation via air will skyrocket their selling-prices, although
durian fruit quality is still cut-from the tree and never fully-ripe.

There is no tree-ripen durian fruits in Thailand, because Thailand
consumer themselves prefer unripe durians (70% ripeness).  Our
stem and skin of our durian fruits themselves appear fresh and
better-looking than durian imports.

Durian Juntak Guarantee

Become trustworthy durian producer and seller to Durian
aficionados who insist in high-quality durian fruits.

To acquire full-trust from durian aficionados who love high-quality
durian fruits, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality
of our products.  We guarantee that none of our durian fruits is
cut from the tree, and we will only provide 100% tree-ripen fruits.
We tie all of our durian before it falls from the tree, then several
times a day they get inspected, and we collect those that have
their stems fell off from the orchard branches.

Our guarantee is provided as a warranty.  Should there be a
dissatisfied buyer, no matter for what reason, by returning the
questionable product we shall provide a durian fruit replacement,
or provide 100% full money-refund.

Compared to buying from local durian products, buying durian
monthong from Durian Juntak is more advantageous because :
1. Guaranteed quality:  standard taste, conformity, and 100% tree-ripen.
    Buyer need not hassle to choose because quality of every durian
    is the same.  Even the most inexperienced durian buyer will never
    feel lied, cheated, or scammed upon.  While local durian fruits sold in
    kiosks, stalls in street-vendors rarely sell tree-ripen quality, especially
    fruits that came from outside of Java Island.
2. Satisfaction guaranteed:  Should durian fruit which a buyer purchased
    do not conform to their quality expectations, you may return for exchange
    or get 100% full money refund.  Exchange or refund must include the
    label which came with the durian, so that we may know the weight and
    price paid for the durian fruit.  Choice of exchange for another durian
    fruit or 100% full money refund is at the discretion of buyer.
3. Costs less: if compared from amount of durian aril (meat) that is
    edible.  Our durian fruits have thin outer shell skin, and miniature-size
    seeds, therefore has high-ratio weight of edible durian meat versus
    the weight of the whole fruit.
    While local Indonesian durians usually have thick outer-skin, and
    thin edible durian meat.   With the same amount of money, you
    get more edible durian meat  than local Indonesian durian fruits.
4. Easy order, professional service, and easy access via several methods:
We can be accessed via telephone, faximile, email, internet, chatting
    via Instant-Messenger, or regular postage-mail.  Our sales locations
    are easily accessible from all directions of Jabotabek, and Bandung.
5. Producer who empathize, and strive for excellence in quality:
    Durian Juntak strives to empathize, and willing to listen towards
    customer complaints/suggestions with care, meticulousness, and
    patience.  We are also hard-core, and durian aficionados who
    strive for excellence in providing best-quality durian fruits.
    We always conduct strict selections, and all fruits that do not
    conform to our quality criteria will be eliminated.  Because
    we strive to provide highest-level customer satisfaction in
    enjoying best-quality durian fruits for our customers.


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