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FS:  Elite Real Estate in Surabaya

Very-strategic location, in the centre
of Surabaya business district.
Only 100 meters from Mayjen Sungkono Road.
Perfect location for quiet, exclusive,
and luxurious house and for business-needs
(such as office, hotel, or supermarket).

Land area size:  1775 meter-square.
Certificate of Land Ownership #62.

Simple map to reach land is posted in this
web-site.  Click on the picture to
see a much larger and higher-resolution
scan-copy that is clearer
(for need in printing via printer).

Contact Information (Tebet, Jakarta):
     Midian Simanjuntak
     Telp :  (021) 8312-416
     Fax  :  (021) 8370-0042
     SMS  :  (021) 7072-0898

Click JPG picture for larger scan-copy.


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