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Tanya-Jawab Mengenai Durian Juntak:

Q:    Which mass-media have covered Durian Juntak
        (Please download file-format which you can read) ?
A:     We encourage you to save into your hard-drive for later viewing
          to read these articles, especially for those who are using slow
          internet connection speeds (ex:  dial-up 56K modem).

          To honor and respect Indonesian copyright laws, we only
          post several pages of the coverage in this web-site.
          Please purchase, or visit your nearest library in your city to
          read the complete media-coverage of our plantation.

       *  Trubus Agriculture Magazine, January, 2002

            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  1100 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (broken into three pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (46 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (55 Kb)
                        page_3.JPG  (69 Kb)

      *  Pengusaha Business Magazine, March, 2002
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  294 KB)
            b)   JPG Image format (.JPG 52 KB)

      *  Trubus Agriculture Magazine, February, 2003
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  306 KB)
JPG Image format (.JPG 150 KB)

      *  Sinar Harapan Newspaper, February 15, 2003
            a)  Online-Edition Acrobat PDF format (.PDF 101 KB)
            b)  Online-Edition HTML Link  to Sinar Harapan

            x)  Print-Edition PDF format (.PDF 728 KB)
            y)  JPG Images format (broken into two pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (104 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (80 Kb)

      *  Tempo Magazine, February 23, 2003
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF 330 KB)
            b)   JPG Image format (.JPG 170 KB)

      *  Kontan Magazine, March 10, 2003
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  1263 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (broken into two pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (178 Kb)
page_2.JPG  (149 Kb)

      *  Bisnis Indonesia Newspaper, March 11, 2003
            a)  Online-Edition Acrobat PDF format (.PDF 27 KB)
      *  Gatra Magazine, April 21, 2003
            a)  TEXT -- Acrobat PDF format (.PDF 104 KB)
            b)  Complete -- Acrobat PDF format (.PDF 196 KB)
      *  Info Dana Pensiunan BRI Magazine, April, 2003
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  482 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (broken into two pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (89 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (87 Kb)
      *  Warta Ekonomi Magazine, May 1, 2003

      *  Prospektif Magazine, June 8, 2003
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  675 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (broken into three pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (92 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (83 Kb)
                        page_3.JPG  (76 Kb)

      *  Majalah Trubus, January, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  914 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (terbagi dua halaman) :
                        page_1.JPG  (.JPG  246 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (.JPG  255 Kb)

      *  Koran Surya, February 27, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  1280 KB)
            b)    JPG Image format (.JPG 128 KB)

      *  Bibit Tabloid, March 16, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  1200 KB)
            b)   JPG Image format (.JPG 340 KB)

      *  Surya Newspaper, March 21, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  1320 KB)
            b)   JPG Image format (.JPG 291 KB)

      *  Warta Ekonomi Magazine, June 16, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  115 KB)
            b)   URL Link langsung ke Wartaekonomi.com

      *  Investor Magazine, June 23, 2004
            a)    Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.PDF  539 KB)
            b)   JPG Images format (broken into two pages) :
                        page_1.JPG  (.JPG  110 Kb)
                        page_2.JPG  (.JPG  168 Kb)

Q:    Which mass-media do you advertise your products ?
A:    *  Trubus Agriculture Magazine
        *  Pengusaha Business Magazine
        *  Tempo Magazine
        *  Gatra Magazine
        *  Warta-ekonomi Magazine
        *  Kompas Newspaper
        *  Suara Pembaruan Newspaper
        *  Bisnis Indonesia Newspaper
        *  Jakarta Post (English Version)
        *  Internet web-site :   http://www.juntak.com/

Q:    Which market, and Durian Juntak outlets located?
A:    *  We have three outlets:  2 Jakarta, 1 Bandung.
       *  For the time being, we only serve Jabotabek and
          Bandung, and/or to anyone who is willing to visit
          our Jakarta/Bandung outlets to direct-purchase
          durian from one of our outlet locations.
       *  Providing our fruit production is still small in size,
          we only concentrate our efforts to West Java,
          and Jabotabek.

Q:    Target-market, and market-positioning Durian Juntak ?
A:    *  Aficionados, hard-core, and heavyweight durian lovers
          who demands the best quality durian fruits.
        *  Middle-income to upper-income buyers.

Q:    Address and contact-information outlets
        for Durian Juntak  products ?
A:    DKI, JAKARTA (Headquarter) :
             Durian Juntak
             (Cafe Durian ~ Eat on location)
             Jln Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 119
             Tebet, Jak-Sel   12820
             Phone:  (021) 8312-416
             Fax:       (021) 8370-0042

        DKI, JAKARTA (Branch) :
             William Fruiteria
             Harco Mangga Dua
             * Webmaster do not know address,
               Please Contact Tebet for Information.
        Bandung, West-Java (branch):
            QUEEN Fruit-Store,
            Jl. Karapitan  29A
            Bandung, Jawa Barat
            Phone: (022) 730-1941

Q:     MAP and DIRECTIONS to Durian Juntak location
          in Tebet, South-Jakarta (choose JPG or PDF) ?

A:     MAP -- Durian Juntak Location (.JPG 197 KB)

        MAP -- Durian Juntak Location (.PDF 266KB)

        Download into your hard-drive, then print via
        your printer (map and directions) as reference
        to reach Durian Juntak location.

Q:    Which Veterinary do you visit regularly to take-care,
        and check-up for your Dobermann dogs?

    Drh. Gindo  Simanjuntak,  PhD.
            Jl. Lamandau  III / 7,
            Kebayoran Baru,  Jak-Sel
            Tel.     (021) 723-7417
            HP.     (081) 811-6501

Q:    Why do Durian Juntak products rarely available in
        Supermarkets (Hero, Gelael, Carrefour, Fruit Stores, etc)?
A:    *  We decline product "Consignment" systems, and the
           30-days delayed payment system offered to us.
       *  We refuse to provide capital to supermarkets.  It is not
           the farmers' job to provide capital toward supermarkets.
       *  Supermarkets refuses business agreements which we
          provide, that will definitely benefits farmers/producers side.
          We believe, that the time is ripe for farmers to have
          voice in any business negotiation.
       *  Supermarkets only cares about sales volume, and profit
          margins.  They can NOT guarantee, answer questions, nor
          provide professional-service for Durian Juntak's products.
       *  Pre-Sales Service (prior to buying), and After-Sales Service
          (after merchandise has been bought) is very weak.
          Most of their personnel were poorly trained, and very stupid.
       *  High-level of service hard to guarantee, and level of
          responsibility is often non-existent.   Too much bureaucracy
          exists.  And yet, Durian Juntak's market segment are people
          who hate bureaucracy, heavyweight durian lovers, and
          rarely cares (insensitive) about product selling price.
       *  We are more interested in opening-up new markets,
          instead of relying on established market-networks.

Q:    What is the best, and most effective means to spread
        information regarding Durian Juntak ?
A:    *  From word of mouth.  Most of our new customers are
           buyers which were referred by our repeat-buyers.
       *  95% of new buyers whom have tasted, tried, and
           purchased our durian fruits continually return, and become
           regular-customers during our harvest periods.

Q:    How, and why do your regular customers remain loyal
        towards durian fruits produced by Durian Juntak ?
A:    *  We guarantee, and warranty the quality of our durian
           fruits will always be 100% tree-ripen and fell naturally.
       *  Buyers are 100%-convinced buying from professional farmer.
       *  Our selling-price remains very competitive, and affordable.
       * 100% satisfaction-guarantee, and 100% money-back
          should you be dissatisfied by our products.
       *  Each customer always receive service that is
           close, high personal attention, and intimate.
       *  We are easily accessible via many mediums:
          Telephone, Fax, regular postage mail letter, Email,
          Web-site, Instant-Messaging, and audio-video
          conference via the internet.

Q:    Although you have plenty of experience in Durian plantation,
        why only now we hear about Durian Juntak in public ?
A:    In terms of sale, we have started limited-selling since 1999.
        However, only starting year 2002  we can provide sufficient
        quantity to cover a larger market-share, and willing to
        expose ourselves to the wider general public.

        Beginning year 2002, Durian Juntak plantation can be seen healthy,
        fresh, have bright-future, and provide excellent earnings due to
        hard-work in experiments, research and developments, testing,
        mastery of cultivation, professionalism, and our success to
        acclimate this cultivar into the Indonesian environment.

Q:    Can I visit your plantation as a tourist, for discussion, meet,
        or casual-visit (with no sense of direction/purpose) ?
A:    SORRY.   For the time being, our plantation is closed to the
        general public.  Only invited guests, and those who have
        obtained permission to visit are allowed into Durian Juntak.

        Please excuse us, we lack casual time, always busy, and deficient in
        man-power to entertain tourists or durian-enthusiasts in our plantation.
        We are also very afraid of potential various diseases-and-fungus
        brought by our guests into our plantation, accidently.  Isolation is
        the best method to keep Durian Plantation sterile from diseases.

        Should you wish to visit plantation, please contact Jakarta in-writing
        to obtain permission for visitation.   Please provide your complete
        contact-information (phone, fax, email-address), date/day/time request,
        and intentions/goals of your visitation to our durian plantation.
        Every fax-request will be carefully examined, and considered.
        Please give us 72-hours for decision to accept/reject your request.

Visitation to Durian Juntak Plantation is FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Q:    What requirements must need be fulfilled to obtain
        permission to visit Durian Juntak Plantation?
A:    Mass-Medias, Research Institutions, Universities, Government
       Entities, Potential Investors, Schools, or Group Tours.

       Visitation to Durian Juntak Plantation for news coverage can
       be accommodated as you wish, and need.  There is no
       minimum/maximum requirements that we enforce.
       Please contact Tebet, Jakarta to schedule a mutually-agreeable
       time, and other needs/accommodations to fulfill the needs for
       your mass-media (TV, Radio, Internet, Magazine, Newspaper, etc).

       Research Institutions, Government Entities, Universities, or
       Potential Investors:  Please contact via faximile or telephone
       to Jakarta to provide complete details of purpose and
       goals of visitation to Durian Juntak Plantation.  Durian Juntak
       will evaluate your request, and we will decide to accept
       or accept your request.  We also need reference-letter
       from your direct superior, or government official as
       confirmation.   We will only entertain, and serve
       official/formal visitations. 

       Group Tour (Elementary/Middle/High School Education tours,
       or Universities, Agriculture conference members,
       Agri-Business conference members, an entire office, etc)
       can be accommodated by us on a sporadic basis.  We are
       willing to become a "father figure" to introduce, to teach,
       and to educate foundations of Agriculture to Group-Tours
       from Schools/Universities.  Please contact Durian Juntak
       to inquire of our time-schedule, as well if we can fulfill
       your requests.   We require formal reference-letter from
       your school principal, headmaster, or any of your
       high-ranking official who condones, and officiates your visit.
       Group Tour:  20 people (minimum).

       One last time,  personal visits (one individual) as a tourist,
       no sense of direction/purpose, and seems to waste time
       on our part, will be DECLINED and NOT-ENTERTAINED.
       Complete information of Durian Juntak Plantation can
       be read via our web-site.  Please read web-site thoroughly.
        Visitation to Durian Juntak Plantation is  FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Q:   What long-term plans will Durian Juntak Cariu Branch
       implement for the coming future?
A:    Agro-Tourism.   Plantation will be open, available, and
       accessible to the general public with no hindrance,
       providing infrastructure and facilities to serve guests
       have become available.

       Bed and Breakfast.   Sleeping facilities, and vacationing
       can be provided, providing sufficient infrastructure and
       availability of trained/qualified Human Resources Personnel.

       Restaurant and Eat Durian in Plantation.   Facilities to
       serve customers on-location in plantation (parties,
       conferences, and other social events).

       Durian Derivative Products.   Should sufficient raw-products
       durian be sufficient, we can start expansion into producing
       Durian product-derivatives such as Durian Paste, Cakes,
       Candies, Ice Creams, and other derivative to enable
       Durian Juntak customers to consume, and enjoy our
       durian products all-year-round.

       Our status is still small, and run by family members.  We still require
       plenty of time, and plenty of resources to train many employees
       before we can serve a wider public audience.  For the time being,
       please excuse us for our various shortcomings, and lack of facilities.
      Durian Juntak's Expansion process continues on an on-going
      and active process, and we are taking them step-by-step.

      Trust and believe in us, Durian Juntak consists of individuals who
      are heavyweights, and hard-core durian lovers (maniacs)  who have
      great passion to Durian Fruits.  The establishment of Durian Juntak
      Plantation is solid-proof of our obsession in high-quality durian.

Q:    Can I as a fruit-vendor  become your distributor in my city ?
A:    YES.   Please contact Jakarta for complete-information.
        We are always willing to work with you, and test-market in
        several cities across Indonesia, and to test your integrity,
        and your professionalism as new potential distributors.

        However, we continue to emphasize on customer-satisfaction
        of durian lovers as our number one-priority, and strive our
        best to popularize "Durian Juntak" in the market first.
        Should you fail to live-up and fail to meet our standards,
        we will sever and deny future business-opportunities.

        We want to convince direct durian buyers, and durian aficionados
        that "Durian produced in Indonesia" will always be higher-quality,
        better tasting, and more-satisfying than "Durian Imports from
        Thailand or Malaysia."
        Please excuse us, we are still a new-player in durian food business,
        and our production is still limited.   When we have achieved
        mastery and techniques of durian cultivation, and our Durian
        Juntak become more widespread, expansion of market in the
        retail, wholesale, and export can be easier conducted.
Q:    Can I as a  fruit-vendor and/or retail-buyer buy
        directly in the plantation location ?
A:    YES.  Only  Ir. Midian Simanjuntak, MBA  have
        authority, and to make final-decision in
        business-transaction in Durian Juntak plantation.

        Should you decide to purchase in our plantation, selling-price
        will be 20% higher than selling-price in Tebet, Jakarta.
        We hope that 20% price-penalty premium will encourage
        vendors, exporters, or retail-buyers to contact Tebet, Jakarta.

        Please avoid direct-purchase from the plantation.

Q:    I want to buy  durian monthong seedlings/fruits from Tebet.
        How much are your selling prices for retail/wholesale (FOB  Tebet) ?
A:    Seedling, small           --     Rp 25 000 /seedling
        Seedling, large           --     Rp 50 000 /seedling
        Whole fruit                   --     Rp 25 000 /KG
        Meat only (aril)            --     Rp 70 000 /KG

        Seling price can change at any time, and without notice.  Please
        call Tebet, Jakarta for the newest selling-price.
        All Durian products above are sold FOB Jakarta.  End-buyers
        of seedlings/fruits have to arrange their own method of shipping,
        and cover cost of transportation from Jakarta to their intended

        Method of Payments :  Cash, or Bank Wire-Transfer, only.

Q:    If I buy seedlings from you, will you provide support, and
        technical-information in durian cultivation ?
A:    SORRY.   We provide the durian seedlings, only.
        All technical-information for cultivation, maintenance,
        chemicals, fertilizer methods, and caring will NOT be
        provided to the general-public:
        Which we consider as our Intellectual Property secrets.

        Plenty of literature, and books regarding durian topic
        available in book-stores, library, internet, or  Indonesian
        Dept of Agriculture are available.  Please read them.

        We will refuse any request, and any question that may
        involve our Intellectual Property secret-information.

Q:    Sales revenue of Durian Juntak ?
A:    *  1998  --  Rp 20 Million
        *  1999  --  Rp 50 Million
        *  2000  --  Rp 65 Million
        *  2001  --  Rp 151 Million
        *  2002  --  Rp 182 Million
        *  2003  --  Rp 226 Million
        *  2004  --  Rp 10+ Million (harvest failure)
        *  2005  --  Rp 400+ Million (prediction)
        *  2006  --  Rp 500+ Million (prediction)

        BEP (Break Even Point) will be achieved in year 2006/2007.
        BEP prediction has been moved-back one-year due
        to durian harvest-failure (too much rain) in year 2004.

Q:    Nutrient Contents of Durian ?
Components Per 100 Gram
Food energy 153.0 calories
Moisture 64.1 g
Protein 2.6 g
Fat 3.4 g
Carbohydrate 27.9 g
Minerals 103.9 g
Beta-Carotene 140.0 mg
Vitamin B1 0.1 mg
Vitamin B2 0.13 mg
Vitamin C 23.2 mg

Q:    When did Durian Juntak plantation Established ?
A:    *  Although we purchased and owned the plantation since
           1981, we started the initial plantings in year 1987.
        *  Durian Juntak started from a hobby, and have evolved
            to become 100% pure-business and for profit status.

Q:    What is the meaning, and significance of "Durian Juntak" name ?
A:    *  Juntak is short for Simanjuntak.
        *  Simanjuntak is a family-name originating from Batak Clan.
        *  This plantation is founded, managed, fully-invested,
            and owned by the Simanjuntak family.
        *  To convince hard-core durian aficionados (durian maniacs)
             that durians produced by Simanjuntak is the best-quality.

Q:    Location, data, and plantation information of Durian Juntak ?
A:    Dusun Mekarsari, Desa Tanjung Rasa, Kecamatan Cariu,
        Kabupaten Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
        Elevation of 350-meter a.s.l.  (1000 ft above sea level).
        Red soil, and medium rain fall.


        Click Picture to see large-and-clear map.

Q:   What are the advantages of 1000 feet above sea level ?
A:   * Our plantation location is ideal for cultivation of durian,
          because high-rate of sun-shine intensity.
       * Our soil is perfect for durian because it's very-fertile,
          rich in minerals, and readily-available amount of water. 

Q:    How is business, and your durian production level ?
A:    *  Business is good, but we have difficulties in fulfilling demand.
          For the time being, our production level is only 5% from its
          full potential.  Our production-level will continue to increase
          from year-to-year as our durian plants mature, and our
          expansion of plantation to fulfill larger market demand.
       *  Research, Studying, and process of training our
          employees are still our number one priorities.

Q:    Although you have vast experience with Agri-business in
        Durian,  why is your production-level still  low ?
A:    * Our durian plantation was initially managed by care-takers
          who were inexperienced, and lack professionalism, therefore
          produced less-desirable results.   Many of our plants died by
          the notorious  phytophthora palmivora  disease, which is the
          main enemy-and-killer for durian plants.
       * Our initial 12-years of operation was devastating.  We started
          out as an amateur, encounter lots of difficulties, and faced
          many challenges.  We paid dearly to overcome the steep
          learning-curve associated with durian cultivation.
       *  90% mortality-rate was very common, during our initial years.
          We have managed to control mortality-rate to 5% or less
          (starting late 2003).  5% for seedlings is manageable, and normal.
        * Since early of year 1999, management of plantation have
          completely handled by Ir. Midian Simanjuntak, MBA, after
          retiring from Bank Rakyat Indonesia, which happened to be
          his life-time dream and obsession since he was a college
          student, because his parents owned a durian plantation in
          North Sumatera which was used to finance his college education.
        * Only recently that we have expanded in massive scale and
          completely focused to make this durian commodity as
          100% pure-business, and for profit.
        * We have only recently fully-mastered the art of durian cultivation
          due to hard-work done in experiments, research, trial-and-errors,
          and acclimated durian monthong into the Indonesian environment.

Q:    Do you have future plans to expand your durian plantation ?
A:    *  YES.  We are constantly trying to expand our durian plantation
          to anticipate growing demand in the future.  In the mean time,
          we are still surveying several locations for durian business
          expansion of "phase-2" in our business-plan.
       *  Long-term Planning to expand into Industry-Scale (1000+ hectares)
          will commence when our Organization Structure, including
          our situation-and-condition permits us.

Q:    Can I contact you for potential business-opportunity  ?
A:    YES.  Please contact Jakarta if you have interest
        and potential to invest in a particular field :
            *  Joint-Venture,
            *  Business-Partnership,
            *  Financial-Investor,
            *  New branch-outlet,
            *  Export of durian-fruit,
            *  Derivatives of durian.

Q:    Will you provide franchise (expansion permission, and name-rights),
        to open new plantation branches in other locations ?
A:    NO.   FRANCHISE  will-never be offered.
 After we made careful considerations:  franchise method in
        Durian Monthong Agri-business will never succeed, and
        impossible to control flow of information, and control
        Intellectual-Property secret information.

        All newer durian monthong plantations in various
        locations of Indonesia will be owned, managed,
        and directly-monitored by Simanjuntak.

        Expansion to non-Simanjuntak parties, will only involve
        in marketing, and distribution of end-products.
        Several fruit distributors, and fruit-vendors are currently
        in the process of integrity-testing, and test-market in
        various locations across Indonesia.

Q:   Is durian business profitable and have bright future ?
A:   YES.  Indonesia imports thousands of tons durian fruits from
       Thailand.  Indonesia produces tens of thousand tons of
       locally produced durians, as well.  If 1-Kg durian is sold for
       US$1, therefore available potential market of US$-millions
       per year in Indonesia.

       Export market for durian is also wide-open, and ripe for the taking.

Q:   What are Durian Juntak strengths in technical,
       business, management, finance, and marketing  ?
A:   Our most bitter experience were the initial 12 years, where
       many failures almost lead us into destruction, and
       bankrupt of entire durian business.  After the initial 12 years,
       we have successfully mastered, and handled the technical,
       business, and marketing of durian-fruits professionally.

Q:   What is your selling-price for durian fruits per Kg for
       meat only, as well as for whole fruits ?
A:   We constantly follow on-going market selling price in stores,
       monitor supply and demand, and durian harvest period conditions.
       Please call Jakarta to receive definite selling price over the phone,
       and you intend to purchase durian-fruits from us.

Q:   Can I bargain the selling-price of your durian fruit ?
A:   IF we compare durian monthong whole-fruit 100% tree-ripen versus
       Indonesian durian kampong as Kg vs. Kg, we admit that our
       selling-price will constantly be more expensive.  But if you compare
       the amount of durian meat (aril) that you can eat from durian montong
       vs. durian kampong, ONE mon thong fruit have equal amount of
       edible meat (aril) to FOUR ~ FIVE durian kampongs.
       Final result proves that eating durian monthong from us will always
       be satisfying, guaranteed, and cheaper than durian kampong.
       Rarely will you ever find durian-kampong that is 100% tree-ripen,
       and will guarantee your satisfaction in eating the durian-fruit.

Q:   When is the harvest-period for  "Durian Juntak" ?
A:   Peak Season :   Month of December till  May.
       Limited Quantities:  Month of June till November.

       Our durian fruits follow the harvest-period in Indonesia,
       and do NOT follow harvest-period in Thailand.

Q:   What are the advantages of buying durian mon-thong from
       Durian Juntak than buying from fruit stores, side-street
       vendors, or Thailand durian imports ?
A:   We 100% guarantee your satisfaction in enjoying our
       durian products.  All durian fruits are guaranteed 100%
       tree-ripen quality.  Should there be a disappointing
       durian fruit, we provide warranty to exchange that fruit
       or provide 100% full money-refund.

Q:   Why are you so confident that your durian-fruit quality will
       be much better (shouldn't imports usually tastes better) ?
A:   Our plantation is only 70Km from Jakarta (2 hours).  Durian
       fruits that you see and purchase from us have 99%
       probability are durian fruits harvested same day, or
       were brought in 24 hours earlier.  We guarantee that our
       durian fruit that we produce are 100% fresh, and tree-ripen.

Q:   What ?  How dare you say such things (I still prefer to eat
       durian import from Thailand ) ?
A:   Thailand is 8000 KM  from Jakarta.  However 100% tree-ripen
       durian fruit only have shelf-life of 2 to 5 days before it cracks
       because it is too ripe.  To counter this, durians from Thailand
       were harvested early to have longer shelf-life, and may
       ripe by itself during travel (2 to 6 weeks of shelf life).
       Process of durian Thailand (from production till consumption) :
       Cut durian fruit from tree, collect, distributor, Thailand exporter,
       Thailand quarantine, Airport, ride in airplane, Indonesian Quarantine,
       Indonesian importer, distributor, vendor, sit in store shelves, sold
       to buyer, then consumed by end-consumer.
       Total time:  1 to 4 weeks due to bureaucracy.

Q:   WOW !!  That's a long time, and how do these factors affect
       the quality of durian imports from Thailand?
A:   Well ...... you are welcome to see, purchase, and taste durian
       fruit imports from Thailand in fruit stores.   You often meet and
       eat fruit that is unripe, tastes funny, hard, dry, tasteless, and
       no good quality.  And yet, you have spent and wasted lots of
       money to purchase these Thailand durian imports.
       When durian fruits do NOT taste good, fruit-vendor doesn't care,
       arrogantly raise his hands, and will never guarantee their produce.

Q:   What durian quality do people in Thailand consume?
A:   There is no such thing as 100% tree-ripen durian fruits in Thailand.
       Because the people of Thailand themselves prefer to consume
       unripe/plain durian (70% ripe).  The physical appearance of our
       durian stem and skin themselves appear fresher, and
       better looking than durian imports.

Q:  Wow !!  Why is it so hard to purchase durian fruits directly
       from you (without need to pre-order well ahead of time) ?
A:   All of our durian fruits are 100% tree-ripen quality.  We never force
       and cut durian fruits from the tree only to satisfy the demand
       of durian from our buyers.  We can only sell durian according
       to stock-availability that fell from the tree in the plantation,
       then we sell directly to our customers.

Q:  So what should I do to purchase durian fruits from you ?
A:  This web-site is monitored by webmaster in USA (not in Indonesia).

      Please contact Jakarta  phone (021) 8312-416, or  fax (021) 8370-0042
      to order durian fruits from us.  We will inform you when sufficient
      stock availability are available for purchase.  When your name goes
      into our waiting list, durian fruit sale will be queried and serviced from
      those who ordered earlier to the last.  FIRST  COME  FIRST SERVE.

Q:  I have placed an order, entered waiting list, confirmed, and promised
      to come pick-up, but on day which I have promised have problem
      and other engagements, can I come on a later date ?
A:   YES.  Please inform us as soon as possible, and at earliest time
       possible.  We can only hold your order for 24 hours,  because
       ripening-process of tree-ripen durian-fruit still continue, and may
       spoil the fruit (if left in storage for longer period of time).

Q:   I am an egoistic person, goes by rubber-time, and do whatever damn
       pleases me, why did you let go my durian order to someone else ?
A:   Our durian fruits are favored and in high-demand.  We strive to
       fulfill and deliver our promise, but we expect our buyers to act
       retroactively.  Should a buyer fails to appear on day he/she promised
       to pick-up durian fruit(s) from us, and no early message provided, we
       have the right to sell ordered durian fruit to others listed in our
       waiting-list, and those who need them more than you.

Q:   Can you please tell me your key-to-success in preventing durian
       diseases-and-pests, insecticides, fungicides, business, and
       marketing of durian fruits ?
A:   SORRY.  We are professionals who have and uphold business ethic
       in a professional manner.  If you are interested in investing into the
       durian business, you are welcome to experience the bitter
       experiences we once had to learn from sweat-and-efforts.

Q:   What is the percentage of success in Durian business ?
A:   Durian Monthong business is "heavy-weight gambling."
       From 100 farmers, 99 farmers will fail due to incompetence.

       You will need to 100% focus your energy, strength, perseverance,
       patience, and knowledge to succeed in Agri-business of durian.

Q:   Where is location, and information of server  Durian Juntak ?
A:   Server web-site Durian Juntak locates in Pennsylvania, USA.
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Q:   I have several questions which have not been answered in this
       frequently asked questions (FAQ) forum.  Can I contact
       you for further questions ?
A:   YES, we gladly accept your questions.  We can be contacted via
       telephone, fax, email, post-mail, and online-chat via internet.  Complete
       contact information are available in the main-page of this web-site.


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