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Agri-Business Consulting (in general):

  • We have accumulate of 40+ years experience in durian.
    20+ years are professional experience, and pure-business.
  • Although our specialty is in durian, many of the same ideas
    and principles of durian plantation can be applied to
    other fruit varieties, and to other agri-business sectors.
  • Guaranteed professionalism, and proven in the field.
  • We can provide analysis and feedback, if your business
    direction, business-plan, vision/mission  can be
    achieved in the future.
  • Legal aspects, legalities, marketing, securing loans,
    management, customer-support, and finding new
    markets can be advised by us.
  • Banking, advertising, technical info, maintenance, and
    continuity in Agri-business can be analyzed.
  • Export overseas from Indonesia information can be provided.
  • Access information to various experts in fruits,
    horticulturists, businessmen, and in chemicals.
  • Access to professors in various universities.
    Universities from inside Indonesia, and professors
    located in USA.
  • Expert, and vast experiences in business, trade,
    marketing, and leadership capabilities.
  • Mastery of technical, and propagation of durian
    flowers in a professional and knowledgeable method.

Service costs

  • Costs depend on needs, and negotiations.
  • Costs will accord to need of services required
    by the client(s).  Contact us for details.

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Key Benefits

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