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Durian Juntak MPG video (210MB) :

File is located in URL Link (210MB) :

Shoot date of video:  January, 2003

File format of video is MPEG1.
You can use any version of MS Windows Media Player
to watch video on your Windows-OS computer.
You can also watch it via Macintosh, Unix, and Linux.

Download this video only if you have a fast and
"dedicated" internet access.
Avoid download via 56K dial-up modem.

Feel free to send email to us, if you encounter
problems, and need help in downloading
and watching/reading this MPG video-file.

If you have a question regarding this VCD
Durian Juntak movie, please contact Tebet, Jakarta.
You can also watch the video in Tebet location
during your visit.

For news-medias which have interest in covering
Durian Juntak, feel free to contact Tebet, Jakarta
to schedule an interview.
Prior to interview, please first read the entire
contents of our web-site, scan-copies of past
mass-medias coverage, and watch our
MPG video.

By doing all those things prior to interview, you
can be better-prepared, and ready for the
onsite-interview.  We will strive to serve you
in a professional, and courteous manner.

Greetings from USA,
-- Patrick Simanjuntak, BSEE, MBA
   Webmaster of http://www.juntak.com/
   Durian Juntak Plantation
   Juntak Dobermann Kennel.
   updated:  July 17, 2005.


Send email to durian@juntak.com if you have have questions or comments concerning this web-site.
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